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GR-1 Firmware v2.2.2 just released!

GR-1 Firmware 2.2.2

Bug fixes:

- Slider volume mode broken on parts other than 1.
- MIDI CC visual updates option worked in reverse for program changes.
- Visual feedback on CC 67 (tuning).


  • Great news. Been very pleased with feature set development of recent firmware updates. Great work. Wondering if it is possible to assign custom names to performance folders on the local memory? My unit shipped with the MaximeDangles prenamed, loaded in the local memory so wondering how I can do this?
  • hey hello =) just got my hands on a second hand GR-1, and after doing this last update, the screen is now horizontally mirrored...
  • sounds like a bad sd card.. See this discussion on how to flash it. And it maybe a good idea to get a new one too..
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