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Sample file management

I am having some challenges with sample file management on the GR-1. For almost every sampler I have ever used I just end up making a "sounds" folder and subfolders and dropping hundreds of files in there to experiment with as I work through the creative process. On the GR-1 more than 200 or so files in a directory and the device slows to a crawl. Yesterday I had a sub-folder with 1500 files in it and the GR-1 completely locked up and I had to power cycle it. I am assuming this is normal but maybe it isn't? I am on FW 2.2.2 and am using a Samsung BAR Plus 64GB - 200MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive which seems to be super fast on my computer but really quite slow to access on the GR-1. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Unfortunately it is normal, although I've always assumed the opening of a big directory can be cancelled using escape.. It's the graphical code for the filechooser which is extremely slow. Someday we'll replace it with something decent, but until then I'm afraid you'd have to work around it. Hope this helps.

  • Okay at least it's working as intended. To solve the problem I hacked a quick PowerShell script together that breaks the files into separate folders, maybe someone will find it useful
  • Good news. Just coded and already tested a replacement file chooser. Opening a directory with 1100 samples is instantaneous. Scrolling is better. The highlighting is better. Because earlier on in the life of the GR-1 there were also requests for a proper filechooser and now your comment, we finally decided to do it. This will be released in 2.3. Release in June?
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