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A lot of crackles with Zoom H5 as audio input for sampling

Hello there

I recently bought a H5 for some field recording and sampling. When I use it with my GR-1 for sampling or live granular mangling, there are crackles, sometimes very frequent, sometimes all 6s or so. I tried all three possible settings as an Interface of my H5, but all with the same results. According to the manual it should work finde. Can anybody give my a hint what I'm missing?



  • We recently bought a Zoom H4N ourselves to test. Indeed, the Raspberry Pi doesn't like it too much. It will work, but with crackles. While in the past users reported "good" results with Zoom devices, I suspect that they all have crackles.

    The good news is we have found a computer board that can replace the Raspberry Pi, and verify no crackles with the Zoom H4N and Soundblaster Play!3 whatsoever.
  • My Zoom H6 works but has crackles. What USB audio interface works the best for audio input sampling? I’d like to go crackle-free.
    Love this synth Btw! Cheers!
  • The GR-1 manual contains a list. In the latest manual version it's corrected and mentions the Zoom series has crackles. Luckily there are a bunch that are more suitable (no crackles) and are cheap and small too.
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