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GR1 screen black :-/

It was working fine, then I was away from the GR1 for a couple of hours and when I came back the screen seam to be dead. Restated a few times. It dosnt seam to help. I can get sound so it works besides that.


  • any suggestions?
  • It boots and leds works and I can get sound so it works beside the screen.

    Can I somehow reset everything and see if the problem is in software?

    I see it have ssh and afp service running when I make a nmap to it's ip. Can I login and check settings? I was thinking that the problem might be the brightness was somehow set to 0. Last night I was going through settings, and I tried changing the brightness on the screen but it had no effect at all.

    So a firmware update might work !? But how do I update when I cant see anything on the screen? I can try make a new ssd with firmware, thats easy. I have been working with dev, linux, hardware for many years. But I dont wanna break any warranty.
  • answered by mail.
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