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ECR-1 Output Level Question

What is the output level of the ECR-1?

I understand the input range and how it's affected by the Input Level knob..... but no matter what, the outputs seem to be relatively low, like less than 5v p-p maximum, regardless of input volume. If I boost the output level after the module, there is a lot of digital crosstalk which becomes quite audible and is not really reasonable for recording.

While the wide input level range adjustment is a great feature, it seems like the outputs should always be full Eurorack levels, approaching 10v p-p for an equivalent Dry input, providing a sort of unity gain through the module. I'm used to the Wet levels of a Convolver being wildly hard to predict, as the spectral energy is quite variable in context, however the Dry signal should be trimmable to unity gain.

Please don't take my "math" too literally--the important note for me is that the ECR is feeling "line level" and not Euro level. (And since it's called a "Eurorack Convolver", I'm expecting Euro levels from input to output, save for the amplification allowed by the Input Level knob.)

Is there an Output level-shift setting/jumper/switch I'm missing? Or am I not understanding the design intent?

Thank you for any help!! :)


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    Updated this 3 times now. Note to self: Don't write stuff too early in the morning.. Below is the correct answer.

    The output level is 10V P-P in firmware 1.1. In 1.0 it was lower. We'll offer a firmware upgrade in the webshop at some point. It works by swapping out the DIMM on the back of the module.
  • Thank you. Mornings will bite you if you're not careful. :)

    Please advise ASAP when you can offer the firmware update. That DIMM would probably transport well in a padded "Overnight" mailer, now that I've seen it. It potentially would be worth it depending on price.

    I just received two modules from Glasgow-to-LosAngeles in four days at normal shipping cost. (No idea about NL of course.)
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    We can offer v1.1 yes to you (and the other 15 people who still run 1.0). It's not a big step up, but has proper output levels and fixes a stability issue that may occur after a couple of hours of wiggling.

    We're offering it for free, on the condition that you send back the old DIMM to us, so we can reuse that for new units. v2 update (in a year?) will not be free and will offer a lot of new functionality.

    Contact us at to arrange for sending you the 1.1 DIMM..
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