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GR-1: Kill Sample/Patch/Performance not working?

edited June 17 in Tasty Chips Products
The manual says to press Patch (or another corresponding option), then hold Shift+Load, and a dialogue option should appear, but it just goes to the load screen.
I just got my brand new GR-1, so should be latest firmware.


  • Since the overseas shipping has been awfully slow and we still had a bunch of older firmware SD cards lying on the shelf, it may be that you have the older firmware 2.2.. You can check in the performance menu (Shift+Perf) at the top of the screen.
  • It says v2.2.2
  • Then please upgrade to 2.3. The manual chapter "Firmware updates" will show you how. Upgrade via LAN is easiest nowadays.
  • Thanks. Fixed...although I see it just clears the data without a prompt screen.
  • edited June 17
    OK, nice :) There's no popup when clearing a sample or patch. That's because you can undo by pressing the preset button again. For clearing a performance there is a popup, because if you want undo, you'll have to reload the performance.
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