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GR-1 Firmware 2.3.1 Released

GR-1 Firmware 2.3.1


- Speed optimized performance load and removed weird gui messup at the end.

Bug fixes:

- Recording crackles! (and optimized frame rate when recording to large buffers as well)
- Performance Quicksave leads to part 1 being set to preset 32? seems like a visual issue only.
- ~5s periodic plop when recording, was introduced in 2.3.0
- Preset buttonled status borked in rare cases.
- Potential memory corruption.
- Potential deadlock.

Known issues:

- Clicks in distortion FX (similar to snare instrument pick up noise) when multiple voices triggering/releasing..
- No visual feedback on a bunch of CC's.
- Freeze on first USB plug after firmware update (a very old one).


  • My order has not arrived yet and I'm yet to put this beast into action but I do have to say well done Tasty Chips on the constant improvements and updates to your products, big thumbs up from me!
  • i updated the firmware and i'm still experiencing pops and crackles every several seconds.

    bugs aside, this synth is amazing! i've barely gotten into it and i'm excited!
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    @breh: depends on your soundcard, most likely. unfortunately the Raspberry USB driver really doesn't like some cards, even if they're class compliant. Please see the manual section "Supported USB soundcards", page 30,

    But if your card is properly supported then it's most likely it's still a bug.. although we could not reproduce it with the soundcards we have lying around..
  • I recieved my GR1 a couple of weeks back and I am enjoying it so far. The GR1 is a fantastic idea and I do get moments of great satisfaction from it but it seems do be very buggy with constant plops and drop outs while playing custom patches etc. When creating patches I am mindful of release times, scan and density amounts in order to keep the cpu from overloading and to avoid pops, drop outs but they keep appearing, making the GR1 extremelty difficulty to record with, if recording a whole track with primararly the GR1 you are prone to a large amount of pops, clicks and drops all over the recording which is a pain in the ass.

    I am getting better at trying to avoid these issues but it can be a headache to work on a patch for a while. When you think you have nailed the right settings to avoid such issues, you then randomly at some point in the recording get pops, clicks and the same issues again. I am new to this synth so i also understand i need to learn the synth more in order to overcome these issues but off the bat it seems a little unstable.

    After such use, I have come across an issue that I cannot solve, yesterday while playing the GR1 with my arturia keystep, I decided to plug in my sustain pedal into the keystep, after that the GR1 started behaving strangly. Every time I go to record a sequence the scan feature acts very eratic (jumping around randomly everywhere, even when no notes played), notes start to dissapear and eventually cuts out all audio. As soon as i hit the 'STOP' button on the keystep this triggers the issue, sometimes the 'SEQ/ARP MODE'. This happens on all pactches, from USB drive and internal (even when unplugging USB drive).

    I have reset the keystep the factory settings, updated firmware and stopped using the sustain pedal but still have the same issue. I have also switched from MIDI cable to USB midi cable and still have the same problem, bare in mind I am only using the GR1 & keystep alone.

    I do love this machine and see the potential, I will continue to persevere but its definetely a headache to deal with at times. Any help on the previous issue would be much appreciated as i cannot figure this one out.
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    Dear Senman,

    Please take some to read the manual in full detail. I'll elaborate. First of all, the computational aspect of granular synthesis is something that you must be aware of at all times indeed. A simple patch with just a few grains will never cause drop outs, but one that uses all grains and played with all voices has a good chance at doing so. It just takes time to make the best of it, as you already say.

    The issue with Arturia controllers is they have "transport CC's" enabled by default. The GR-1 has different effects mapped to those CC's. You can disable the transport CC's with Arturia's MIDI software on PC/Mac (as also mentioned in the manual). Resetting the Arturia to factory defaults won't help. You'll need to disable the transport CC's.

  • disabling transport CC's worked, thank you for your help and swift reply!
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