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Save problems.

I have to be truthful here. I dig the concept of the gR-1, but coming from a professional UI/UX person, it needs a lot of work on the experience. Not intuitive at all, and it's driving me up the wall. My current problem is this. Saving a patch/sample. I load up a sample from the usb stick. ok that works. tweak the settings, save sample? I think that worked, oh no it didn't because if I go to another preset and go back, the sample waveform is gone yet I see the patch/title named from the save I just did. Ok, lets save patch, nope File IO Failed to save patch (in any folder on the usb drive). Why in the world is saving something which should be so simple, be so problematic. I have tried to trouble shoot this a number of different ways and I'm at my limits and am blowing my stack over here.
Any help would be appreciated.


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    Thanks for the feedback. First of all, what version are you running?

    Secondly, if you're having trouble with the workflow, please read the mini tutorials in the manual. - starting page 21. Saving is best done with performance quick save. I know, not intuitive, but faster than anything once you know it.

    USB storage is unfortunately something that has so many facets, and as a small company without the dev power of a large IT firm it's next to impossible to support all file systems, all format variants, and all power requirements. But we're working on a proper solution to solve all these issues.

    It does sound like there may be a bug in the patch save. That is, if you're running the latest firmware (2.3.2)? We'll make an issue in our bug tracker and will try to reproduce and fix for 2.3.3.
  • I am running the latest version. and that performance/save works great. Apologies for my crankiness, I was at my wits end. I hear that your a small company, but having a UX/UI person on board from the beginning could help you out in the long run. I appreciate all your help.
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    We tested the sample and patch save and both behave as designed. The sample save only saves sample data, not any patch meta data like the preset name or so. A patch (preset) save actually saves tweaks to disk and makes the tweaks recallable (when you hit the preset button). I do understand that a beginner doesn't know the difference between patch and preset or sample. Certainly when granular is 80% about the sample, anyway. In that regard I understand your cry for a more intuitive IO system. (And we're working on it ;))

    There are minor state glitches in there when saving though. For instance, when saving a sample, the sample name gets shown instead of the preset name. But when hitting save it suddenly changes to the preset name. Those will go eventually.
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