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Best file system practices

I recently purchased a GR-1 and have been loving it. The synthesis side is great but I haven't been enjoying the file system regarding saving/naming/renaming/organising folders etc.

What's the best practice for naming samples/patches/performances? I noticed some of the stock samples have number prefixing the name. Is this recommended?

The other thing I'm finding confusing is the folder hierarchy especially with performances as it creates a mass of folders. Is that one for each sample/preset within that performance?

And lastly, I've been creating multitimbral patches and would like to clone/copy to create more multitimbral patches using the same collection of samples within the performance and then I can do a 'quick save' of the multitimbral patch once cloned. What's the best practice to do this? When I try and copy I get the error message of "Paste preset to entire performance. This overwrites all presets. It doesn't save to disk. Are you sure?..."

I also created a Performances folder on my USB to save my different performances but it overwrote what was in there with it's 50 folders when I tried to save in it. Do I have to have Performances 01, Performances 02, etc??

Is there any way to directly connect the GR-1 to the computer to rename and transfer files etc?

I understand what's saved between sample, patch and performance.

Apart from the file system which I've wasted so much time just trying to save stuff over and over, I've been really enjoying this synth. Will be using it at a gig after only having it for 4 days even.


  • First off:

    Thanks! :)

    A performance can be multitimbral, a patch is by definition monotimbral. Hence a multitimbral performance consists of a bunch of these monotimbral patches running in each part. If you want to have several different multitimbral setups, you need to make and save multiple performances... and load these explicitly.

    Manually numbering patches was useful in older firmwares. But nowadays the GR-1 already displays such a prefix, no matter if you add it yourself.

    Performance folders on the internal storage cannot be renamed. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions section in the manual:

    If you want to name performances, just do it on the USB stick.. Use your PC to create and rename the folders .. See our video and skip to 1:40


  • Ok, I've got saving/renaming etc all sorted when saving to USB but I don't really want to rely on a USB for live shows. Does the GR-1 load everything into RAM when you load a Performance from a USB?

    Now is it possible to save a 'performance' to the internal memory? The FAQ says you can but it also says you can't save separate samples/patches. So does that mean if I save my 'performance' which is currently saved on my USB to the internal memory, it won't work if I have samples from elsewhere? Because it's half working but it does all weird sorts of renaming of samples and others are missing.

    Nearly there with this file system. I've at least got my USB saves sorted for the show this weekend.

    Thanks for any info!
  • Yes, it loads everything into RAM when loading a performance.

    Yes, you can save a performance to internal (permanent) storage. A Performance is self-contained. It contains all the samples and all the patch data. So, no dangling links, no worries.

    Please also check the mini tutorials in the manual to learn about the most efficient way to update and store performances.

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