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Connecting GR-1 to PC (for MIDI recording / playback) ?

So far I used the GR-1 stand-alone, with just a MIDI keyboard connected to the DIN MIDI IN.

Now I am wondering what I would need for recording and playing back MIDI
using a DAW on the PC/Mac (e.g. Ableton Live)?
The release notes for 2.4.0 say that "Most knobs now send CC's via USB MIDI".
So it seems that recording MIDI on the PC should be possible.
But how do I connect the GR-1 to my PC?

The manual suggests using the iConnectivity Mio2 that supports USB MIDI "Host-to-Host".
But it seems that the Mio2 has been discontinued and is out of stock everywhere I looked.
Are there other interfaces that have the same functionality?

I have a Focusrite interface (Scarlett 18i8) with DIN MIDI IN/OUT. Would it be possible to connect the GR-1
to that interface (using a USB-to-DIN MIDI adapter - such as the M-Audio USB Uno or the Swissonic MidiConnect 2)
and then route the MIDI data through the Focusrite? Or would that not work?

Other options?


  • If the mio2 is discontinued (shame), then perhaps another product from them will do. I see several audio interfaces from them that use the dual USB-B ports..
  • Ok, I will try to contact iConnectivity and ask about alternatives to the Mio2.

    What about connecting via DIN MIDI (USB-to-DIN MIDI adapter
    plus an interface with DIN MIDI ports such as those audio/MIDI interfaces from Focusrite).
    Could that work?
  • The GR-1's DIN interfaces are exclusively IN and THRU :/ No way to output MIDI data via them.. You really need USB host-to-host functionality.
  • Yes, the GR-1 does not have DIN MIDI OUT. I understand that.
    What I meant was: Is is possible to use a simple USB to DIN MIDI interface such as the ones mentioned above
    for connecting one of the USB ports of the GR-1 to the DIN MIDI ports of my Focusrite?
    Or would that not work?
  • Oh, I see. That may work yes. We've never tried it, though. Let us hear how you fare..
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