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diy parts questions

hi!! cant wait for my kit to get here... everything takes a little longer here in brasil...hahaha!! anyways -- maybe you can help me with a few things --- are the potentiometers audio or linear taper?? are the push buttons open or closed? what voltage will be needed to run this little beast??? thanks -- bret


  • ohh--- and what are the voltages for the LEDs??? ---- thanks!!!
  • Hi Bret,

    Well, at least the stamps on the envelope have "priority" written on them. But not sure if they're giving you any! :D :D

    About your questions:
    - pots are all linear 10k..
    - voltage: 9V-12V DC
    - push buttons: contact is closed when pushed, contact is opened when released

    Hope yours will arrive soon.


  • The LED's take 5V, but of course they need resistors in series.. In this case, since they're blue.. they need more than 10k, otherwise your eyes will burn out! :) some of the blue leds are so bright that they may need something like 22k or so..
  • thanks!!!
  • Hi there, in the analog board build there's a 3K resistor listed in the parts but it doesn't appear then in the build pictures and nor can I find it silkscreened on the board. Could you solve the puzzle? Many thanks.
  • The 3K resistor goes where the trimmer pot would go , by where it says VCO10K on the board.
  • ah, thanks for that, missed it in my search.
    Just an idea but might be handy to have it listed on the components list as

    3k 1x (for trimmer pot - not in resistors section)

    or even better have the trimmer pot build section directly after the resistors section so that doing smallest/lowest components first, build routine, stays on track.

    Either way problem solved for me so much appreciated.
  • Hi there, another question for here - I was late to the kickstarter and all the kits with cases had gone, however I got in contact and am on the list for the second batch of cases - due to this it'd be useful to know the size and spec of the LED spacers so that I can make the board ready to fit the case ;)
  • Same here . I got the DIY with no case , I used 10mm spacers that's what it says in the manual - LED spacers (outer dimension = 4mm, height = 10mm) 8x
  • Thanks for that synthetek, I'd scrolled back up to the main parts list but as they weren't listed there hadn't thought that they would magically appear in one of the sub build lists. Just shows how wrong a guy can be ;)
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