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ST4 Expansion board issues

first the BOM is wrong for the 8K2 resistors, the quantity says 4 but there are 8 of them. You shipped 5 (thanks for the spare) but there are 3 missing.
Second, pin 1 is not marked on the silkscreen for the PT821 and TL0721 parts and the board pictures aren't high resolution enough to read the chip text. It LOOKS like the PT8211s have pin 1 towards the bottom right of the board. Continuity between +5 and pin 5 and gnd and pin 4 confirms this. The TL072 is trickier. It appears that pin 1 of the leftmost TL072 is facing the bottom left of the board. Not sure on the top right TL072. The TL074Ds don't have a pin 1 marking, is pin 1 the corner with the ST logo?


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