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Time Strech Gr-1

Hi ! First of all, what fun gr-1 is!
Question, will the time extension be implemented at some point?
It seems very important to me for sound design or rhythms, so that the times do not decrease or increase.
I think if I did, I wouldn't use another sample anymore!

One more thing, keyboard tuning! wow, i always wanted something! to find tones quickly from any noise

Thanks for everything!

Juan Cruz


  • sorry for the mistakes in my writing, it was late! =)
  • Time stretch is easily possible by setting:
    - a relatively a small grain size
    - a high density
    - and then using the scan knob to stretch or compress..

    Of course, this is still all granular. It works great for smooth sounds, but will lead to stuttering on drums. You can use the play button to play up to 4 voices which will give you 512 grains in total. With these you can kinda smooth out drums, but not entirely.
  • Thank you!

    Gr-1 is like my wife, I love her but I can't ask her for everything I guess.
    It gives me a lot, right? =)
  • Indeed! Granular is a powerful tool, yes, but many knobs to tweak.

    Seeing that this question pops up from time to time, we'll add it to the manual. :)
  • Yes you're right! I promise to do the homework for the next one!
    But you have to accept that there is no other like gr-1. =)
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