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As FX unit

Apologies if this has been covered to exhaustion, but I was wondering about specifically utilizing the GR-1 as a dedicated effects unit. I've watched the YouTube video of course with the audio interfacce. Some questions:

1. Is direct streaming from USB supported for complete master tracks (4 min+ at 16bit mono)? If so, are there performance concerns with buffering, etc.

2. From the manual, I see access to FX1 and FX2 with options for distortion, delay, reverb, etc. What is the extensive list of all available effects. I think you can get to filtering and such with dependencies on other effects first. Obviously there is pitch as well.

Obviously, this synth is much more than a dedicated FX box but looking for something more unique and interesting than a Kaoss pad or Pioneer RMX. Would love delay, reverb, filter, and of course the granular goodies.



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    Thanks for your interest.

    1. At this moment it's 2 minutes at 16 bit mono per "patch". In theory the GR-1 engine supports more than 6 minutes, but.. its storage system limits it to 2 minutes for now.

    2. Yes, there's distortion, delay, reverb, and a "reducer" for bit and sample rate reduction. Just one of these effects can be active, but sub-oscillator and filter can be used in parallel with the effect. For details see , page 30 onwards.

  • Hi TechFix,

    I use the GR-1 for the exact same purpose (next to KP & RMX1000). Can you describe a bit more how you use it? Do you clock sync it? Do you run in freely or trigger it by a sequencer ?

    Thanks for Inspiration :-)

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