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Sawbench and Arturia Beatstep

Has anyone been able to get the Beatstep to work with the Sawbench? I cant get the sequencer or the pads to work? I have used the midi out from the Roland TB-3 , Minibrute and Avid Fasttrack Pro and they all work fine.


  • We've finally got our hands on the beatstep. Since the Kickstarter rewards have now all shipped, we finally have some time for in-depth MIDI tests. Stay tuned!!
  • edited June 2015
    We've now tested the Arturia Beatstep with the Sawbench and it runs flawless. Very nice piece of kit, actually. So, sorry, but we are unable to reproduce your problem. Our Beatstep is brand new. Could it be that your Beatstep is one of the earlier units? Have there been firmware upgrades?
  • Mine has the latest firmware but mine is older, I got right when they came out. I will Try to reset the beatstep and test it again.
  • We're curious to see how you get on..
  • I have the sawbench apart right now , I removed from its temporary housing since I am expecting the case from you to arrive soon. When I get it all put back together I will do some more testing.
  • I ended up getting rid of the Beatstep when my Beatstep Pro arrived so I never tried to get it working but I can confirm that it is working fine with the Pro.
  • ok, thankyou! good to know :)
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