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GR-1 patch persistency issue


I'm encountering an issue with saving/loading a patch.
It's regarding 'scan loop confinment' and 'scan mode' patch parameters (maybe some others also but didn't check them all :)).
Steps to reproduce:
Create a patch in the Perf that is loading automatically on startup. Set Start Loop and End Loop with shift+Curve , shift+Sides. Shift+Patch then set 'scan mode' to 'Ping Pong' and 'scan loop confinement' = 'ON'. Then save the Patch. Save the Perf. Reboot. Go to our latest patch. In my case those two parameters are reset. I can manually load it (Patch+Load) but only the 'scan mode' gets loaded properly. In any case the 'scan loop confinement' is not loaded.

Please help!


  • If this is firmware 2.1.0 we'll fix it in 2.1.1. Issues like parameters not being recalled after save are mostly trivial fixes.
  • Yes this is 2.1.0
    Looking forward to 2.1.1. I find this feature really interesting.
  • Hi! Another user also reported problems with scan settings reverting back to old settings after save. I think that maybe a quicksave (Shift+Save) instead of a normal save should do the trick here? At least. This way it works for me. But we'll work on fixing the full save for v2.1.1 for sure.
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