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Problem Saving Performances


I have my gr-1 a few days and so far I like it a lot (system 2.1) - but I have a serious problem (or I am using it wrong). I am not able to properly safe new performances in any way. When I am safing a performance to a new location - either way via quicksafe or normal safe it is renaming all samples to the name of the first one and resetting all parameters as well (even though the samples stay the same). When I am creating a new performance with the initialize performance, it does everything correct in the first place, but as soon as I safe it anywhere the same thing happens again. In the end I found no way so far how I can properly make and safe my own performances.. Any idea, is it a bug or is it just me?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hhhmm, since init performance is new it may have such a problem.. Putting this in the list of issues. Hopefully we'll be able to reproduce and fix in 2.1.1.
  • Thanks for the instant feedback!. It also happens, when I am saving any of the factory performances presets to a new location. Is there any way to start with a blank performance? I couldn't find a way.
  • There's no way to start with an empty performance.. Hhm, thanks for the report, but that's very odd. I did notice some quirk recently where loop positions are copied to multiple patches but this sounds like a bigger version of that.. Anyway, best to stay put for the fix, but at the moment we're crunching to get a prototype out the door, so it'll be a month at the very least. You can also downgrade to The last monotimbral version, which is known to be quite stable.
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