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Saving .WAV samples to thumb drive

Hey team - OK, I may very well be dumb as a rock here, but please be kind and help...

GR-1, FW 2.1.0

Have a sample on a thumb drive. Loaded it up and all is well.
Trying to save it to another thumb drive. Both plugged in at once.
Go through the procedure I think is correct (as per the manual) and it never saves the sample to the other drive.

What the heck am I missing here???

Does the drive need to be formatted any special way?
Must saved samples be contained within folders, or can they reside in the root directory?


  • Why are you using multiple thumb drives at once?

    We have never tested such a setup, so cannot really comment on it. Best stick to a single stick (trolo)

    The manual contains everything about USB sticks we know, at least.
  • Well, I use one drive for storage that stays in the unit, and the other I move back and forth as I edit wav’s on my computer.
    My hope was to be able to move these edited wav’s over to the other drive for storage, but I guess that’s not possible.
    Also having two drives plugged in at once seems to throughly confuse the GR-1. I’ve had trouble loading, saving, and updating the firmware with both drives attached.
    Maybe something to look at? Or address the limitation in the manual for other users?
  • We understand your concern, but you are actually the first user that works like this. If there are others we may consider looking into this. In the meantime, please work around and use a single stick.
  • Have the same issue. Have one USB stick containing sample libraries and another for the patches, samples and performances. When I tried to save an imported sample to the other stick the system just freezes. I'll stick to 1 usb for the time being.
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