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GR-1 Factory Reset

New owner here - bought second hand, I guess that will start to happen now that it's been out a little while and people have started to decide whether the GR-1 is for them.

Just wondering... why is there no way to do a full factory reset? I've done a firmware update to 2.1.3 - but there is no way to delete all the junk "performance" folders on the internal storage or anything like that. First device I think I've ever seen that doesn't have a way to just reset to new.



  • Also - I feel like the GR-1 is kind of missing a trick in having a separate PDF manual for the entire lot of preferences. Surely you could easily section off a small part of any given preference window with a 'tooltip' type summary of what the selected preference will affect.

    It would save a lot of jumping between the manual and the device.
  • ALSO - in the file browser, you name the performance folders with digits after, but do not add "0" in front of single digits, so they are sorted to read "performance 2, 20, 3, 30" etc.

    This doesn't make sense.
  • Agree on the performance naming, should have a zero in front of the single digit performances
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