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GR-1 new owner questions

I just picked one of these fab machines up and have a few questions

Is there any way of turning off keyboard velocity?
Any way for the filter to be controlled by a ADSR envelope?
Can you plug a USB CD Rom into this to access WAV files?

One feature I think that would sound amazing if there is enough horsepower
Is individual pitch modulation of each particle, on the display
Each particle would wiggle independently as they traveled if that makes sense
Each one slightly random from the other.

Also as others have mentioned reverse scan / reverse particle

I’m loving this unit so far , am getting clicks and pops a bit , seems
The raspberry pi struggles a bit with longer envelopes
Don’t know if it matters but I’d be fine with 8 notes polyphony if it
Made it more stable to use.


  • one other question , is there any way of putting this into mono as opposed to poly mode?
  • The filter cannot be controlled with the internal ADSR.

    USB CD ROM should be possible.

    For more fine control on pitch, my advice would be to use MPE. You can control the pitch of each voice independently. There are ways tricks like "granular glide" to have a bit more control over individual grains' pitch, but it's kinda specialist. Loopop promised to do a vid for all new recent features and some older exotic stuff and will probably how to.

    It's essential to study the chapter "Polyphony" in the manual if you want to avoid clicks. The Pi can "only" render about 1200 grains at the same time.
  • +1 for a grain-level pitch modulation destination for LFO/CV... MPE is cool but so few controllers out there and no way too add just a general amount to all grains.
  • "I’d be fine with 8 notes polyphony if it made it more stable to use."

    +1 this - ideally in the form of a patch by patch preference for amount of polyphony. Sort of the way you can set max notes per track on a Digitone?
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