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Feature Request GR-1: "play reverse" mode for grains

I find that I often would like to play grains reverse. Especially the grains from percussive sounds are still quite recognizable. I helped myself using reversed samples, but a cahnging the play direction of the grains in real time would be much cooler.

Perhaps with the direction beeing modulatable:
* modsource-value >= 0 is play forward
* modsource-value < 0 is play backward

For CV the threshold might be 2.5 Volt


  • for long grains it makes sense, yes. we had this idea in the early stages of development. but it didn't make it in the end. we'll see what we can do..
  • play reverse would be a great feature to add
  • +1 for this feature. Would also be great if grains could be played both normal and reversed within the same patch randomly, similar to what happens in Tom Erbe's ++bubbler plugin (
  • Hi natchez, the random fwd/rew-play is a very nice idea! I support that!
  • yes, that seems like a good one. we'll need to get cracking on that expander device to add some extra knobs for this. :)
  • In regards of the handling: isn't the shift-cutoff and shift-resonance still unused?
  • shift resonance is patch volume unfortunately. have to think a bit about what's most user-friendly..
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    Hello Tasty Chips, following up on the status of this feature request.

    Are there any plans to allow reverse playback of grains? Essentially, update the the behavior of the scan knob to be akin to that of the speed knob of the Qu Bit Electronix Nebulae V2.

    Stated verbosely, if the sample is scanning in reverse, the grains themselves play in reverse. If the sample is scanning forward, the grains play forward.

    The behavior of scan could be toggled from the settings menu allowing the user to keep the behavior as it is now or switch to playing grains in reverse when the scanning the sample is reverse.
  • You can approximate reverse play using a reversed grain window, and reverse scan.

    There are still plans to include somekind of reverse play and spray (only from the GRC-1 controller). At this moment there are many other things that have higher priority.
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    A reversed grain window; Could an example of how to do this be provided I do no see any information on this in the user manual.
  • This is the latest manual:

    Find all the latest GR-1 downloads here:

    To get such a grain window: Just slide up the Sides fader and then use Tilt to go from an "Ah" type to a "Ha" type.. if you catch my drift ;)
  • Ah, long attack short decay so to speak. That does sort of emulate reverse play back of a gran.

    Thanks for the advice, but I think we will all still eagerly await true reverse grain play back :]
  • Any traction getting this feature request on your near term road-map to implement and release?
  • We're doing bugfixes right now. Expect firmware 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, etc.. to come out soon. This feature is reserved for 2.2.0. We're sticking with protocol here, it's proven to work ;)
  • Glad to hear this is becoming a feature soon! The Mac granular synth I use sometimes is Quanta by Audio Damage... and one feature that is cool in there is that you can set grains to be forward AND backwards. So I'm guessing it is alternating or randomly assigning grains to be forward or reverse.

    If there was a "grain direction" patch parameter added in GR-1, maybe you utilise a slider beneath it to set a % based preference towards forward or reverse grains.
  • The forward/backward spawning feature is something that is very popular. The only problem is.. we have no more knobs for it. We'll probably include it as a MIDI CC or so just for working our way to the bigger physical interfaces of the follow-ups.
  • Ok, that becomes a little off-topic now, but you might think about a configurable parameter<->knob assignment.
  • We will consider it, but at the same time we have an in-house M4L plugin for that kind of stuff. If you want flexible, that's probably the way to go.
  • Re: this "The forward/backward spawning feature is something that is very popular. The only problem is.. we have no more knobs for it."

    You could always program new Shift+__ shortcuts? For example Shift+Grain Size could become Grain Direction?
  • Also just to clarify.. my comment:
    "If there was a "grain direction" patch parameter added in GR-1, maybe you utilise a slider beneath it to set a % based preference towards forward or reverse grains."

    I mean you could have a probability based slider in the shift+patch preferences menu that allows you to start in the middle with a 50/50 chance of forward or reverse grains, and lean it in either direction right up to a 100% chance of either.
  • Yes, this is quite a standard way to realize the desired effect. Like mentioned: we'll implement it in MIDI at some point. I'm afraid we'll not map the existing knobs to these functions. The Max4Live plugin will facilitate this. Stay tuned.
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    > The Max4Live plugin will facilitate this

    Uummph, I don't use computers for making music (in fact I do nearly only live music on stage with no computer at all).

    If I would use computers, then I would not buy a GR-1, because there are great granular synths as plugins...
  • Fanwander: understood, of course. Then it's best to use a MIDI controller for this feature. The ones that support NRPN are costly (or rare if you're looking for a cheap one).
  • We were also planning to have these controls in the GRC-1 : the MIDI controller especially for the GR-1. But we have no idea how many people would ever buy it..
  • I’d be interested in this GRC-1, any conceptuals yet?
  • We already have a semi-functional GRC-1 prototype. All the knobs and faders are there. Still, there are many questions.. How many people want one, what is the right price, for starters.
  • > But we have no idea how many people would ever buy it..
    Its difficult to judge for sure.

    I'd go for a concept that sells the GR-1 itself instead of selling some additional devices, which make the whole package more expensive. If you develope a remote control concept, that allows any and every controller, then your chances to sell further GR-1s are much higher than if the buyer has to acquire an (expensive) custom controller.
    You will never be able to beat the price of a korg nanokontrol...

    So make the additional stuff MIDI-CC controllable.
    Establish an easy autolearn function.
    Don't use NRPN, because it limits the choice of available controllers down to very few ones (and those are the expensive ones).

  • Fanwander: I think you are completely correct. We cannot come anywhere near the price point of standard MIDI controllers. Although we can offer luxury (high resolution, high durability) controls with good looks.. but it will come at a steep price..

    Unfortunately, the MIDI CC map is used up already.. we've already got something like 140 controls, some aren't even documented yet ;) So we're kinda depending on NRPN.. And many cheap midi controller don't do NRPN. But.. (!) If we use CC's on a special MIDI channel? Would that be an idea? Or is that abusing the notion of MIDI channels?
  • edited November 2019
    > Unfortunately, the MIDI CC map is used up already
    That is, why I argue for a configurable map "parameter <-> MIDI command".
    Now we have some parameters, which at least me I quite sure never would use for realtime control, like "Resample anti-alias on/off", LFO key sync.

    And back to jakemillers suggestion: what speaks against "Shift + Grain Size" for the reverse setting or even better "reversing probability" ?
    Fully clock wise = all grains are normal played
    Fully counter clock wise = all is reverse
    Center position = 50 / 50 normal / reverse
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