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GR1 - Grain Clock Sync

Hi there tchipsguru: when i flag "Grain Clock Sync" ON my GR1 starts playing incoming clock signal as a note, but in sync.
I'm doing something wrong or this a common behaviour?

Actually is slaved to an Octatrack, who receives clock from Ableton. Everything ok, as usual, despite GR1.

Thank you!


  • Grain clock sync: this syncs when grains are triggered to the incoming MIDI clock. That sounds.. ehm, logical? However, only when a note is enabled: either a MIDI note, or the Play button.
  • Yep. This happens usually. But. I needed to restart the GR1 because even if it wasn't in play mode, with Grain Clock Sync on, it was playing a note constantly (of course with density value moving on the clock time, and for that reason I was thinking it was taking clock as a note or something). Checked if every note on my chain was off (it was). Checked play button, it was unengaged as the led was telling me.

    After restarting it: normal behavior.
    There's some shortcut I don't know yet that can hold a note forever even when changin patches and samples?

    Thank you so much!

  • Well, I'll check it out and see if I can reproduce it here. If so, the fix will probably make it to firmware version 2.1.5.
  • BTW are you using it with multitimbral MIDI or so?
  • Just checked (firmware 2.1.4): cannot reproduce. If you can make a video, that may help?
  • Hold on, in monotimbral I can't reproduce it. In multitimbral there seems to be the odd hanging key (sigh).. maybe this is what you're experiencing? If so, we'll try everything to get this fixed in 2.1.5.
  • I got the unit from less than a week and in fact this was one of the first session I tried multitimbral. Btw when I noticed this issue I was came back to mono.

    I'll keep this thread up

  • ok, then it's an issue to do with multitimbral.. thanks for the feedback. we'll get on it.
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