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GR1 | Screen Artifacts | wishlist and a few questions

Hi there Gurus,
last night I was having a session with my GR1.
Suddenly some artifacts on the screen happened: a yellow vertical line o the left, many glitches on the screen.
Of course nothing happened to the instrument before this, just laying on my desk. A/C stuff, everything ok. GR1 was linked to two midi cables, an usb pen and an external keyboard (akai mpk mini 2).
After a first reboot nothing happened. With a second reboot everything went to normal.

Are there other users experiences with this?

Next, some question and ideas (sorry if nubbish) :
- it is possible to preview samples only on phones out? that would be great and if not then we have a new request.
- it would be great, with an audio board, to manage outputs and not only in sampling channels.
- lfo: it would be great to have a representation of aux lfo. It would be great to create lfos with knobs and steps (octatrack)
- this thing deserves a minimum of sample managing option (cut/trim/normalize etc.)
- please: a better ui for renaming patches
- ui colors and appearance options would be great also
- this is maybe too much and not in line with the instrument mission, but: an internal sequencer and a piano roll



  • Hi Stephano,

    Hmmm, that visual glitch is a headscratcher.. I wouldn't know. At least, I would suspect somekind of hardware issue. Some USB drives have been known to cause power spikes, especially when booting.. which has led to system freezes in the past.. Either that or some electrical issue in the display system. If it happens again, please don't hesitate to make a video and mail it to! Thanks!

    Your suggestions:

    - preview samples on phones only: that's physically impossible unfortunately. the phones are hardwired to the line outputs. this is the case on most synths below 1000 euro as far as i know.

    - managing audio ins and out for usb sound cards should be possible, but no doubt this will take some effort, especially since it involves borrowing or buying a lot of multichannel sound cards and testing against those. can't promise anything. we're also considering audio over ethernet..

    - aux lfo visual representation may be a nice one. thanks for the suggestion

    - renaming patches is one of the most demanded features so far. we'll see what we can do next year.

    - ui colors customization: not sure about this one.

    - internal sequencer: for sure this is never going to be implemented. however (!) the grain scheduler will have midi out at some point (via usb) .. but this is mostly for a follow-up, since there's no DIN MIDI OUT, and only USB A ports..

    Thanks for the suggestions and report, and I hope this answers most of your questions. Looking forward to the vid and resolving your problem if it should manifest again..

  • Hi there Tastychips, sorry for the delay in answering this. I was preparing my first gig with the GR1 in. Everything went fine!

    But: it happened now, again, during my home rehearsal.
    This time black flashing screen, a couple of times, then artifacts.
    Then boot, apparently everything ok. I'm really afraid now, first of all because the machine was up by 4 minutes and it was doing almost nothing (this, I think, will esclude cpu or overheating).
    I didn't plug weird stuff in usb: just a normal usb stick and 2 dins for links.

    This remember me of my macbook pro 2011 video card: what a p.i.t.a.
    I'l will definitively send you a vid.

  • Stefano: seems to me the internal connection to the display is damaged. It may have evaded QA because we only test it for 30..60 minutes typically. It's always nasty if such an elusive problem surfaces. In any case, you're entitled to factory warranty. If it persist, you can send it back to us for fixing free of charge, and also get the postage refunded.

    Still, very interested in seeing the vid, maybe it's subtly different from the problem we're thinking about..
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