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Midi cc effect parameter

HI i just own a seconde handed gr1 , and iml ooking for controling the 2 effect parameter via midi cc but i don't see in the manual,is this impossible?

another things, im actually testing controling he GR1 with Joué (midi controleur) via usb and it's work, need more teste but it's work imediatly ;)


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the test report. Will write it down for the next manual version :)

    The FX knobs or FX type switching cannot be automated via CC. May be implemented some day if there is enough demand.
  • ok thank, another question, and a bug found:

    when the gr1 is in play mode (idk if it's the exact term but when hit play button ^^) and you make cords (shift +adsr slider) when i play on my midi keybord it's add a not but it's not possible to transpose the chors create on th gr1 instad ? it will be awesome !

    a bug found this time i thinck , when you sync grain density on clock , sometims the density knob as no effect ( the value of x/1 is changing but no sound effect) , speacialy if you change preset , i can investigate more or send you a video if you prefer ;)
  • Yes, a video is preferred. I cannot reproduce the problem with the grain clock sync. I do not know which settings you've used. So please send a video to or possibly post it here.

    Transposing the play mode chord.. It depends on how much demand there is for this, but it sounds useful in some cases.
  • thx for you'r quick respons i will email you with atached video
  • Bug was fixed recently. Will be released in firmware v 2.1.6.
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