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Multitimbral mode - Patch amplitude

Hi there, any best practice for individual patch level control in a Multitimbral setup?
Minimum patch level is not muting the sound.
I can assign 1-4 MIDI channels for each patch, record MIDI notes then mute a midi channel at playback but this is not ideal for live jamming.
It works with LFO1-2 modulating AMP (square wave, very slow freq, full amount) but I need LFOs for other modulation. CV mod is another option but only 2 inputs.
What would be the right way of doing it?


  • Shift+FX-2 will control patch volume of the currently highlighted part.
  • Yes thanks, but it is only reducing the level, not muting 100% the sound
  • Known issue, to be changed in v2.2.. ;) Also, direct midi (volume) controls per part are coming, but it still needs testing..
  • Alright, got it. All the best for v2.2 :) thanks
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