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GR-1 set Midi channel not remembered after switch off

Hi there,
Everytime i switch the gr-1 on, it has reset itself to midi channel 1 in the performance configuration screen. I follow exactly the manual setting it to for example channel 14. when i switch it off and on again, the midi channel is channel 1. the gr-1 did this from the very beginning i have it and it is really annoying. Does anybody have an idea/solution?

Thank you for your help


Thats what i do:
„1. Press the “shift” + “Perf” to enter configuration screen
2. Select “MIDI-channel” parameter with the “select” knob (turn & press)
3. Select the desired channel with the “select” knob (turn & press) (14 in my case)
4. Press “Escape” button to exit the configuration screen“
I switch gr-1 off and on again, and the midi channel is channel 1.


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