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ECR-1 wish list

i'll start, please add as you wish ;)

1. start ECR-1 with the reverb you finished with


  • edited August 2020
    2. i would also shift the IR's name 1 (?) character to the right as now, it is difficult to read, when the position (line/ruler) is completely to the left
  • First things first - amazing module (got mine today) and I love the reverbs I can get with found IR wavs!

    My wish list:
    1) +1 on the currently selected reverb file being preserved over power cycle. And if possible other settings like the current HPF, easing and pitch (the hidden shift knobs)

    2) An easier file loading screen. e.g. clicking Select shows a scrolling file directory, scroll select knob and click to pick one. (folder paths would be even better!) (maybe shift select would do the convolver swap when not in file view)

    3) as far as I can tell when you swap it doesn't actually swap but moves the current reverb down to background, another "swap" pushes that one out (destroys it) and moves the now current reverb to background. Am I wrong - is there a way to go back and forth between the two? The sample graph doesn't change when "swapping" so I got the impression I can not bring back the background one (like a true A/B swap).

    4) Even with full easing my reverbs cut out when I change position, attack or release while it recalculates. Is there any way to prevent this and have the reverb continue running and blend with the new settings (immediately or eventually)? It's a bit of a live tweaking killer. And I tried a slow (and a fast) LFO to the Pos CV input and the result was no reverb because it's always recalculating. I'd happily sacrifice the background convolver to have this if the requirement is more CPU.

    Hope that's not too much for day one. Love this reverb so far!
  • Hi, and thanks! Wrote down your wishes. About 4.. This is probably because you have predelay quite large? Predelay logically always causes a gap after taking the signal after recomputing.. We can perhaps solve this in a new firmware by recycling the old input signal. Problem is that this makes recomputation even slower..

    Btw, what is easing?

    Wish/question 3: It's just a swap, really. If you do not touch the knobs, nothing should happen with the new foreground convolver. Of course, the convolver must be initialized to be audible. Wiggle the knobs to do so.

    Wishes 1 and 2 are certainly feasible.
  • Thanks for the reply. On 3) I've misunderstood it and will play more tomorrow. I think because it doesn't swap the sample graph back I thought it doesn't come back to foreground. So, say you set up reverb A and then "swap" so that become the background and you set up reverb B in the new foreground then A is left on the xfade knob and B is on the right? So when you swap again A comes back to the foreground and B goes to the background? Do they change positions on the xfade knob? Could there be an indicator on the screen "L" and "R" indicating which side of the xfade knob you're working on?

    on 4) I had zero predelay but with a long tail on the reverb so some attack and some release and probably long samples. I like long lush layered reverbs for texture. And in these scenarios making even a very small change to pos, A or R causes a break/silence in the processed sound which causes a dip in the reverb . Sorry I wrote "easing" instead of "slew". I was trying to say that with a long slew time there is still a drop in reverb and it then the layers build again.

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
  • About 3. It's probably best to make this more like a preset system instead of the spartan foreground/background system we have now. That way, there is no reversal on the Xfade knob and so on. We'll get round to it eventually. We'll do a big 2.0 release. Basically a paid big firmware update.. Somewhere in the next year we hope.

    4: if there's too much computational load, the system will start to stutter unfortunately. Modulating heavy responses (>15s, or true stereo ones) contribute to this... It can only be remedied by a total rewrite of the OS, or complete hardware redesign. I'm afraid this might be beyond the scope of the ECR-1 product..
  • 3) Yeah an A/B preset system would be good and keeps xfade making sense. Maybe a setting to turn off B completely so it frees up CPU for A? (if that's how it works!)
    4) Understood. The manual mentions long lush reverbs and real time tweaks so was concerned that tweaking had this effect. I've only had a few hours play last night so will test more and see if this bothers me or not.

  • Good suggestion about disabling B!

    About computational load: Running a 23s response without modulation will never cause drop-outs. It's only with modulation or switching responses that this may happen.

    You are running firmware 1.1 or not?
  • Yes it's 1.1
  • +1 on the folder structure ; i have way too many IR's lined up and need to browse & continue browsing to find the one i need/want - some happy accidents happen (find an IR that sounds good but not intended to load that one)

    i too had some troubles initially to select and hear the IR loaded

    wish for the factory reverbs to be able to remove from the card - or put in a separate folder

    even when modulating short rev's you hear dropouts/break/silence but maybe we should have this discussion in/on another thread?

    great thinking about the B 'unloading' setting -although i'd like to have the option as i'm investigating building 4 layer IR's
  • The silent moments are caused by longer predelay or attack settings (logically). As mentioned before, these can be remedied, but this adds latency between control and result..

    In terms of file browsing, folder names, and jumping to next/prev folder when holding shift, are of course additions that we intend to make. It will be quite limited by display resolution, but that should be workable..
  • Hello, I'm evaluating a purchase of ECR-1, which seems a very intriguing product. I'm wondering: would it be possible to change the pitch of the IR with a CV modulation?
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