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Raspberry pi 4 announced

So recently pi4 was announced. Will there eventually be some kind of documentation on how to drop it in the GR-1 once I get my hands on one? And maybe a firmware update?


  • We'll most definitely make use of it. In fact, we've been preparing for it. The firmware (the OS actually) will need an update.
  • Excellent! You guys rule
  • You're not going to believe this. They swapped the USB with the Ethernet socket (!). Also, they stick out 1mm extra. As such, it doesn't fit in the GR-1. I can't believe they'd make such a blunder.

    Still, it could be a good one for a follow-up model..
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    No way to sand off 1 mm from backside of RPi4 to make it fit? :D

    As for ports being swapped, that seems like a relatively easy fix/hack by making those 3 holes exactly the same size width (to fit Ethernet) and height (to fit USBs)?

    Or maybe not, I dunno. It DOES cost 850€, and then you'd be crazy to mess with that nice aluminum casing...
  • OR! You could construct an upgrade kit that includes a new external casing that accommodates the Pi4? and REALLY good documentation explaining how to do it haha. Idk its a long shot but it would make me sad to have an out-of-date model one year after its release. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing the synth industry does typically.
  • Sorry guys, this is just how it is. It just doesn't fit. I've tried everything and it would definitely involve a new motherboard. Having said that: it will still be a while till we have a successor. At the moment, the development focus is on our convolver module.

    There are two other boards that exactly fit the GR-1, but one of them lacks proper drivers (work in progress) and the other is not that much faster. But they're still valid options.
  • I’ve been on the fence about getting a GR-1 for a while now. The last comment about incompatibility with the Raspberry Pi 4 board was over a year ago. The ECR-1 is now out in the world. Are there any plans for an upgrade to support the Raspberry Pi 4, or perhaps a GR-1 mkII / GR-2 in the works? I would hate to spend so much money on a GR-1 at this point, only to have it be replaced by a new model six months from now.
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  • Any news on this? I would definetly be interested on an hardware upgrade.
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