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GR-1 : RJ45 port ?

I'm not a GR1 user but this unique machine is very likely to cause me a GAS crisis.
I browsed all the forums on the subject, downloaded and read the manual, watched all the videos, even dreamed of the delivery and seeing the GR1 paired with my Hyperion E520 from Synthesis Technology go on an intergalactic sound journey.

In short, my condition is critical! Tasty Chips is still on vacation? :D

However, that's not the subject of this topic.
Because my question concerns the RJ45 port located next to the USB ports :

Does this port have any use other than for updates?
It's possible to make a video output from the screen? With a RJ45 to HDMI adapter for example?

Thanks for your attention and your great job !


  • Hi, the RJ45 port is only used for updates. We may want to use it for file browsing at some point, but this will require significant work.

    And thanks for your kind words.
  • Hi, thanks, you've answered my curiosity about this port.

    But to satisfy all my curiosity about the GR1,
    I succumbed to the temptation and validate my order. I'm very excited :)
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