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Hi, i have got the gr-1 yesterday, i love the sound, but i have a problem , what it makes unusuable for me. and it is a lot of drop-outs. i read the manual, and decrease some settings down, but still , also with no extreme settings it is crackling. settings i used : sample lenght: 15s, densinty 100, grain size 340. and also i realized some weird things, that when i change sample mode to one shot, it stops scaning. and when i change to ping-pong, the "spray blue space" disapears and all screen is blue, like the "spray". maybe some problem with my unit? thanks a lot for answer. Maok


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  • when i press note, then i turn with spray to the left , it keeps the note playing also after releasing.
  • Hi Tastychips, thanks for this update. i found one bug. when i press note on keyboard, and while pressing i turn "spray" knob to the left (decreasing), the note stacks.
  • perfect working well! thank you
  • amazing, guys! such a wonderfull service. Thank you !
  • next bug.. sometimes the button of the that four onboard notes doesnot react or after pushing it is not staying on. after release it is return to off.
  • next bug.. when i change the patch, so parameters should stay unchanged until i touch some slider. but some random parameter everytime change by itself in some random moment to the actual position of slider also without touching it.
  • and now i am trying just sample playback, and crackles are there too, also, when dsp is on low level. and one very interesting think, with sample playback, i will send the video on your mail. thank you for your help to solve this situation. Maok
  • Hi, thanks for reply. i am sending you now on mail audio recorded od your "synthshot" patch, with original settings. and the voices at the same time could play not more than 5 i gass, cos release is quite short. on the end no extreme settings, no …